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Versuri Tonight Will Be Alright

Little darling Where you've been so long I've been out here thinking about ya And the feeling's real strong Well the time has come to celebrate You and me girl so sounds great Cause tonight will be alright Oh baby Little darling, come on Let's take a ride To a midnight honey town and set it on fire We don't want to be mad But we have to be cool You and me girl Let's break all the rules Cause tonight will be alright Oh my baby, I'm gonna say it again I can see us moving on Down the highway I can see us loving Till our hearts desire Anything you wanna do girl You just tell me Cause it's alright, cause it's alright Little darling, telling you no use Keep me thinking about you honey My soul's on fire Well if you want me girl And the games I play Anything's alright, anything you say Cause tonight will be alright Alright, baby I'll say it again, alright Alright, alright, alright, baby We gonna make it alright You and me baby, alright

Cuvintele melodia Lionel Richie piesa versuri versurile versurile Tonight Will Be Alright versurile versuri. Muzica Pop muzica straina asculta asculta descarca.

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