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Today I'm leaving town I'm waiting for my lady to come around She's the prettiest you've ever seen She's a real shooting beauty-machine we're gonna drive and drive to get a load down oh- I can't stand the pain I'm running untill the moon is out of my brain I'm headed for a mental highway and laisse the bon temps rouler The sky is screaming, making me think I'm insane I'm a little boy got no love, no nothing that I enjoy so I'm shooting the ones that feed me and my 50 million dollar-baby For my little honey I don't wanna make it stop no more! My chevy is splitting the night I'm a victim and I feel allright When she took my eyes I believed her lies got no clue when I'm at her side My woman is taking control she took my body now she's taking my soul in a thrill ride of fire, just a killing desire for diamonds and for gold 2x I left town today my pretty little baby took me away she is so beautiful, you've never seen such a real killing beauty-machine we just drive and drive, and never ever stay I feel like a little boy without love or any otherthing to enjoy I'm just shooting the ones that feed me for my 50 million dollar-baby my own little honey and I can't make it stop no more!

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