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get out of my way when I'm taking my turn I'm an acid manic letting it all burn - baby beer in my belly and nothing left to lose all my answers tell me love is a lie, made to make you blue Oh - words are dancing inside my head don't wanna know - don't wanna know well it's been a bad day I think tomorrow will wash my sorrow or swallow it away! so get out of my way cause I let it all burn I'm an acid manic who knows how to take his turns neon flashing and wind in my hair my heart forsaken blinded eyes see, everywhere! Yeah - you gotta bend to get along pretend and talk a different tongue I know why - I know why a storm in my veins make children cry and people die and it's all in my brain!

Melodiei A Life Once Lost melodiei asculta descarca muzica straina cuvintele Acid Manic descarca versuri album. Album versuri muzica descarca asculta.

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