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[Music: Roderer/Schwarz/Klasen/Scharf] [Lyrics: Krull] I left cocaine - going insane my first time - I want to try I lock the door - I'm really sure Now I'm alone - the needle in my skin Defeated intellect - I lost my mind I know all dangers - but I need more I inject - now it's too late Fantastic feelings - coming to ecstasy Lying in the room - she closes her eyes Fast raving blood - in her veins Falling apart - total dilirium Point of no return - shall overcome [Lead: Roderer] There is no serious reason To give up my decision I live my life today I give a shit on any corollary Step by step you go on, leave your life in death's hand Your body is shaking, freezing, perspiring Opening your eyes, having reveries Walls look like ice, cold and glinting The shining sun, reflected lights Senseless thoughts, nameless words You cannot act, you have no will Controlled by poison, suddenly you scream Father returns: Get on your knees! [Lead: Roderer] Breathing heavily - oppressive atmosphere Whispering voices - in your ears Having red eyeballs - and a dry tongue attack of giddiness - head is going round People on the street - walk, rush and speak Eat, drink, consume - money takes control They don't care - about you No time to think - no help for you

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