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Still being of Nobble Birth Though having Oppressed the Earth Being better off than all Contrasting with the rabble Still crowning each other Insisting on the old manners Celebrating splendid feasts Representation of the states [REFRAIN:] Blue Blood Nobility Resist High Society !!! Living in Gorgeos world Having money and much gold Stories in the gossip column Showing up in a high position Still possessing power and might Being proud of their descent Supported by the media The blind crowds cheer them [REFRAIN:] Blue Blood Nobility Resist High Society !!! Pride - Class - Hatred - Opalance - Arrogance Take their jewels and their gold Occupy their castles Seize their landed property Drive aristocrates away Residing in a palace Wearing expensive clothes Peoples should be fascinated But appearances are deceptive Lies - Pulling Your Mind - Sham - Cheat [REFRAIN:] Blue Blood Nobility Resist High Society !!!

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