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You kissed me on my cheek goodbye But I didn't mean Crazy it may seem But to me you were never ever unclean I know you know I am but even if it's slow You're walking away You think you are here to stay Although your pride have grown Legs taking you away I wonder for how long you can take That image you fake Fingers in your ears My lips are just moving You don't want to hear Taking and breaking the things That is you and I You ask for a goodbye Want this part of you to die Why do you have to wear that make-up? I see your thoughts are screaming in my face Shut up You and I unseparable Don't you know I didn't come here to judge You'll be free and I will make you whole Those wounds must hurt Let me clean you let me get rid of your bull I'll make you full That deep down emptiness I'll just blow away Because no matter what they say You will never be alone with me anyway To feel pain ain't a sin But it's when you're trying to cover it up You hurt me within I'll take one step Can you take one too?

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