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That day I woke up, screaming of emptiness A thought crushed my mind To all of them she's just a worn-out dress They can seek but not find Time pass please this day of rain I'm in this world and she's in another Her fragile voice of sorrow let my brain go insane I'm in this world and she's in another And You must be my arms around her now We both agreed on this choice To let me be helpless And she to stick to your voice Me to my knees everyday I guess Leave footprints on her/my/our floor tonight To slumber in Your light Let her/me/us sleep with angels tonight Can't even breathe without holding you tight Trade my will against yours Is something I'd rather say then do I want to kick down some doors For me to see through But she believes in love Makes this distance pass She sees the dove Makes me stay and not trespass And you must be her arms around me now I'll make you a promise To bring her safe home

Versuri melodia asculta mp3 Across waters muzica piesa. Versuri Blindside cuvintele cantece cuvinte muzica straina ultima melodie.

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