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Versuri Dance of death

Let me tell you a story to chill the bones about a things that I saw One night wandering in the everglades I'd one drink but no more I was rambling, enjoying the bright moonlight Gazing up at the stars Not aware of a presence so near to me Watching my every move Feeling scared and I fell to my knees As something rushed me from the trees Took me to an unholy place And that is where I fell from grace Then they summoned me over to join in with them To the dance of the dead In to the circle of fire I followed them In to the middle I was led As if time had stopped still I was numb with fear But still I wanted to go And the blaze of the fire did no hurt upon me As I walked onto the coals And I felt I was in a trance And my spirit was lifted from me And if only someone had the chance To witness what happened to me And I danced and I pranced and I sang with them All had death in their eyes Lifeless figures they were undead all of them They had ascended from hell As I danced with the dead my free spirit was laughing and howling down at me Below my undead body just danced the circle of dead Until the time came to reunite us both My spirit came back down to me I didn't know if I was alive or dead As the others all joined in with me By luck then a skirmish started And took the attention away from me When they took their gaze from me Was the moment that I fled I ran like hell faster than the wind But behind I did not glance One thing that I did not dare Was to look just straight ahead When you know that your time has come around You know you'll be prepared for it Say your last goodbyes to everyone Drink and say a prayer for it When you're lying in your sleep, when you're lying in your bed And you wake from your dreams to go dancing with the dead When you're lying in your sleep, when you're lying in your bed And you wake from your dreams to go dancing with the dead To this day I guess I'll never know Just why they let me go But I'll never go dancing no more 'Til I dance with the dead Iron Maiden Rock muzica straina cantece album album. Dance of death versuri muzica piesa mp3 melodiei versuri cuvintele muzica.

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