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D.W.A.M. Daniel was a mosher [Verse 1] A plan to kill off Daniel by the administrators get the king to issue a royal decree [Chorus] Stage dived into the lions den administrotors want him dead But the lions surfed him all around D.W.A.M. Daniel was a mosher [Verse 2] For thirty nights must worship just the king But Daniel prayed three times a day to our God on high. [Chorus repeat] [Bridge 1] The enemies observed him pray they went & told the king his ways the king was sad he'd signed the plot Daniel was a trusted man. [Bridge 2] There was no way out for the king Bound by law to stick to his Laws he made cannot be changed Into the pit offenders thrown. [Verse 3] Daniel was throw into the lions den But God closed their hungry mouths and he was not dead. [Chorus repeat] D W A M versuri cantece cuvinte cuvinte versuri. Melodiei versurile Mortification muzica straina cantece

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