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Versuri Noah Was A Knower

[Genesis 6:1-9 and Genesis 7] [Chorus] Noah was a knower, he knew the heart of God Noah was a knower, to build the wooden ark [x2] All the animals crawling on the ground couldn't help that man had fallen God looked down with an awful frown, knew he must bring lots of water Drown the sins there to be found Man had disobeyed his calling There is someone who is holy He must work to save the animals [Chorus repeat] Noah was praying, just hanging around shut his face from all who'd fallen God said build the Ark right now, save the animals from the water Noah had faith in God's command even though he'd never seen thunder Got to working with his family building the Ark [Chorus repeat] 100 years of banging tools Laughed at by his neighbours scorn 40 days and 40 nights Smelly animals all around [Middle bit] God's calling is always a challenge It may not be what you would seem But following his ways through life ends up leading to the mountain top Heard the animals two by two Chooks and cows and kangaroos Close the doors as rain comes down All his neighbours start to drown As the boat began to rock all the sin was washed away 100 years of real hard work Noah sat down and had a coffee Finally the waters went Noah was on the mountain top The rainbow came as a new promise God would show his mercy often [Middle bit repeat] [Chorus repeat]

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