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Written by GLENN TIPTON & SCOTT TRAVIS He lies in wait For one mistake Morphing on your screen Those who dare Or the unaware Download him for a scream Don't access the site Or beware his megabyte No virus scan Detects the man Or the deadly tasks he plans Drooling lips His circuits lit He crouches for attack Spider like on the web Alive and well But you are dead Iniquitous in every way Now he's come out to play Cyberface Iron will Programmed to corrupt and kill Cyberface No escape He is interfaced to Hell chorus Once he's summoned and installed cyberface He'll infest your motherboard cyberface Now he's got a grip He will strip away your flesh Alive yet dead A fiend obsessed He'll crash your system down Once in place Hell simulate Your life - it's worthless now God forsaken Grotesque mind An entity That's come alive Boot your screen And suddenly Approaching fast and mean repeat chorus

Album piesa Rock mp3 ultima melodie muzica straina. Versurile ultima melodie Cyberface cuvintele versuri melodia piesa mp3 versuri Judas Priest versurile.

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