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Versuri Crystal

Music by Elton John Lyrics by Bernie Taupin Available on the album Too Low For Zero We're caught up in a web, you and I Since Crystal came between us The knots of friendship seem to be untied And it hurts me most to cheat and that's no lie She can swing us both forever In the long run she's the one who must decide And if she leaves me handle her with care Don't hurt little Crystal And if she calls you long distance just be there Oh Crystal The world is your oyster, you're a pearl But he's a jewel and my friend I'm sure that in the end, Crystal you'll be his little girl Oh Crystal You're stronger than me but I'm sure That the fight would fall to no one The cold hard truth is stronger than us all And it breaks my heart to see us go this far We're just captives in our separate cells And without her there's no peace behind these bars

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