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Why do lovers park down deserted lanes Near haunted houses or homes for the insane Like the deformed son who was locked in a shed Later escaped when he chopped off their heads Why do axe murderers only attack When you're partially nude Or you're taking a bath Though there are times I feel softer then most Some days like yogurt And some days like toast Sorority girls and fraternity boys Always deflowered if they're rich or they're spoiled So we never feel bad when Aunt Betty who's dead Surprises them lying on her wedding bed When we're making love now I feel so exposed Might you impale me or turn into those Creatures over in my mind Forget about the last five years Back in the woods along a dirt track there is a house An old women on the porch with three dogs One of them blind Who knows what will happen Or what blind dogs see And I wish there was some place I really wanted to be I'm crossing over

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