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Versuri Cradle To The Grave (Freestyle)

{Mobb Deep!} Show these bitch-ass niggaz {Free Agents!} Over and over and over again how we do this shit {*cock and gunshot courtesy DJ Whoo Kid*} [Prodigy] Aiyyo, they say I'm cold-hearted, well I was born like that From the womb to my tomb I'll be on it like that From my cradle to my grave I'll be on that same shit No bitch can change my ways, I show no care No thug can shake my frame, I show no fear Be a cold day in hell once I arrive there I slap God in the face for puttin me through this torture {*GOD*} And bust through heaven's gates {*DAMN*} if they don't wanna let me up So while I'm still alive and kickin I'ma run through this planet like I own this shit here Fuck up out my way 'fore you get yourself fitted And sized up like tailored for bullets that fit in the meat on your bones like knives on Thanksgiving You bird-ass nigga, I'm a mobster, you a pigeon Make no mistake, there's a difference between us So when you see my face, turn your head like a slut Word up, we body niggaz for reckless eyeballin Niggaz signin record deals and think they ballin My niggaz make joint ventures and own they mansions You prostitute-ass nigga, hoe faggot, you a RAPPER {*DAMN!*} [Outro] Okay okay okay, H-A-V-O-C That nigga P, no doubt that's that gangsta shit son, y'know? {*gunshot*} All the time baby We gon' continue to do this shit like this here Man y'knowImean? For y'all peoples {*cocked*} Cause we know y'all wants this {*gunshot*} shit like this Y'knahmsayin? Straight like that {Shoutout.. Violator.. Chris Lighty!} {Can't forget.. Mike Lighty.. John Lighty.. HA HA!} {*gunshot*} {Non-stop}

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