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Verse One: Prodigy It all began on the street, to the back of a blue police vehicle Next come the bookends, the way things is looking It's Friday, you in for a long stay, gettin shackled on the bus First thing come Monday, hoping in your mind you'll be released one day But knowing, home is a place you're not going for a long while Now you're up on the isle, in a position that you ain't got to, refusing to smile But keep in mind there's a brighter day, after your time spent Used to be wild, but locked up, you can't get bent Thought you could hack it, now you're requesting Pee, see you fragile It ain't hard to see, niggas like that don't associate with me I'd rather, get busy to the third degree cause the war populations are If this was the street, my razor would be a mack demon Hit you up, leave your whole face screaming, what you in for kid Busting nuts, taps heard of million street stories caught inside this trap Who are you to look at me with your eyes like that Wising up young blood, before you make things escalate, and I would hate To set your crooked ass straight Chorus Make your moves at night, pack your heat in this warzone, niggas is trife Runnin from one time, ain't no time to slip, make one false move And it's a up north trip Livin the high life, make your moves at night, pack your heat in this warzone Niggas is trife, runnin from one time, ain't no time to slip, make one false move And it's a up north trip Verse Two: Havoc You tried to dip, duck, but still got bucked, you talk too much shit You should have kept your mouth shut, all that gossip Motherfucker don't you know my glock kicks, hollow tips To your body, mad toxic, I fade you, blow you with a rusty-ass razor Did you a favor, tried to wet you but i grazed you Pop goes the glock when there's beef on the block, chill for a while Make them think the beef stop, then I creep like a thief in the night It's only right, ain't no turnin back, it's on tonight, and if I get caught Then my ass is up north, straight on the course for upstate New York Stress, smokin back to back cigaretttes, it popped off, gon' point in the mess hall But to avoid that, from head to toe, dipped in all black, hit them niggas Where they pump they cracks at, Havoc, with the murder masterplan Keep my nine up to par, so my shit won't jam, God forbid if my shit do Run behind a tree, fix my shit then hit you, slugs in your body Mainly in your brain tissue, witness from the scene, get ghost, stash the pistol So simple then, watch my back, lay up and relax, roll a sack, ?K-A black? Find a shorty intact Chorus Verse Three: Prodigy I got the powder, combine wit the powder, and water, it oughtta Drop in a half and hour, in the, form of oil, watch the cocaine boil Keep my eye on it so the shit won't spoil, then I pause And ask God why, did he put me on the serve, just so I could die I sit back and build on, all the things I did wrong, why I'm still breathing And all my friends gone, I try not to dwell on the subject for a while Cause I might get stuck in this corrupt lifestyle, but my Heart pumps foul blood through my arteries, and I can't turn it back It's a part of me, too late for cryin, I'm a grown man struggling To reach the next level of life, without fumbling, down to folding I got no shoulder to lean on but my own, all alone in this danger zone Time waits for no man, the streets grow worse, fuck the whole world kid My money comes first, cause I'm out for the gusto, and trust nobody If you're not family, then you die by me, cause niggas will have you locked up The snitch, be a man, givin police the run down on your plans We're never goin down like that, so I, shut my mouth and hold my words back The legal business, forever mine, fuck payin taxes, the last kid that shitted And gave police access, to my blueprints, used names as evidence Skipped town and I haven't seen the snitch nigga ever since The moral of the story is easy to figure out, a lesson that you can't live without Repeat Chorus once *Livin the high life

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