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Sipping life down through a straw, like Mardi Gras held in tired hands Seek my restitution while Iâm carving in the sand Gotta strap it down gotta gotta strap it down to the battery of control Never the less Iâve fallinâ from much higher walls Yeah the chaos running wild All ingredients of denial State of independence pushing way beyond the limits pushing pushing forward Still got me thinking to myself that a wealth of motivations gonna lunge me up The hill gotta lay it down gotta gotta lay it down spread it out but never thin Leave a little invitation for my well being Yea the pathways open wide all the avenues they collide Cornucopia of all your angst and aggravation Beaming down upon the meaning Grab a little life by the hand gotta understand keep my eyes ahead Checking in from a time to time with the visions in my head Iâll never understand probably never makes sense but it need not be so clear One of the simple reasons why we all are here

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