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So what if it came down make a fortress hide Bleeding is not me Itâs just not the way there are many others Yell so loudly breaking down but youâll hear no sound Thatâs what Iâm meaning Strange from the start though it just may not be quite the same Like a ship with no water sailing across boulder seas Ripping it up from the bottom like piranha filled waters Thereâs no sunsets from the diseased Since thereâs no meaning why would you want to believe This couldnât leave you Reclaim all your judgments Why would you want to believe This couldnât leave you Break my muted silent tongue flapping gums I speak Only to those who will listen without preconceived prejudice I was so wrong Thereâs no such thing as no prejudice And I believe maybe someday weâll all conquer this Maybe someday maybe someday is now

Melodia versurile album muzica straina versurile versuri descarca. Asculta muzica versuri cuvinte Neurotica cuvintele cuvinte asculta cuvintele Now album piesa.

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