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Versuri Congratulations

Congratulations You made a fool out of me I hope you're happy So now just let me be I might be slow to lovers But I catch on eventually Congratulations You made a fool out of me Anticipation You kept me waiting in line Your situation did not allow you time So I'd sit home alone Pretending someday you'd be mine Congratulations You made a fool of me this time Then he played it smart You stole my heart And tore my world apart Guess you always knew I'd be the perfect fool Congratulations baby You win, I lose Imagination The way I dreamed it could be Ooo, the sweetest sensation Of how you made love to me But now the vision's gone It's time to face reality Congratulations You made a fool out of me Congratulations You made a fool out of me

Muzica cuvintele cuvintele cuvintele melodia Reba McEntire ultima melodie versuri cuvinte versurile versuri. Congratulations cantece melodiei muzica straina.

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