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Concert Tonite Lyrics Concert, concert tonite dit dit dit dit dit dit dit Concert, concert tonite The music's comin' at you You know it's worth the wait You'll lose those tired-of-workin' blues (???) Everybody in the human race Everybody loves to rock the place Let's get smokin' Yeah prime time concert tonite Everybody wants to feel the groove Everybody wants their feet to move Let's get rockin' now Good time rockin' tonite You've got your girl beside you She looks like love tonight But if your soul is hungry Rock feeds your appetite Everybody wants the beat to go on Everybody needs to learn the song Let's make music now Let's make music tonite Everybody set your spirit free Everybody feel as good as me Enjoy the concert as we go get out tonight Everybody gotta hang loose Everybody needs a good excuse We're in concert so let's get crazy tonight There's gonna be a concert tonite There's gonna be a good time tonight Put on your 3-D glasses tonight We're gonna see a magic show tonight There's sorcery and music tonight I'm doin' it in concert tonight Now everybody feels good tonight And everybody looks good tonight So turn on your love lights tonight We're doin' it in stereo tonight I'm wired up to you guys tonight We'll conjure up a concert tonight A song moves like an arrow It's aim is always true It don't shoot like a shadow Let it just fly with you (???) Everybody love the rockin' band Everybody now clap your hands 'Cause we're violent now Rockin' violent tonight Rock rock rock rock rockin' tonight Let the rhythm get in to your feet Let it move you right outa your seat Oh we're jumpin' now Concert jumpin' tonight Come, come on down Everybody needs to put it behind Everybody come and give me a sign Lord have mercy on this our concert tonight Lord have mercy tonight Everybody needs to have some fun Leave the concert so we can shine Let's start crankin' now Let's keep rockin' tonight woo woo hooo wooo wooo hooo wooo wooo wooo hooo wooo wooo hooo ultima melodie Concert Tonite cuvinte muzica straina piesa melodiei ultima melodie Brian Wilson. melodiei versuri versuri asculta.

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