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Brian Wilson Lyrics Drove downtown in the rain, Nine-thirty on a Tuesday night, Just to check out the late night, Record shop. Call it impulsive, Call it complusive, Call it insanne. But when I'm surrounded I just can't, stop. It's a matter of instincts, A matter of conditioning, A matter of fact. You can call me Pavlov's dog. Ring a bell and I salivate, How'd you like that? Dr. Landy tell me, I'm not just a pedagogue. 'Cuz right now I'm (chorus) Lyin in bed, Just like Brian Wilson did, Well I am, Lying in bed, Just like Brian Wilson did. So I'm lying here, Just staring at the ceiling tiles, And I'm thinking about, Oh, what to think about. Just listening and relistening, To Smiley Smile. And wondering if this is some kind of creative drought Because I'm Chorus And if you want to find me, I'll be out in the sandbox, Wondering where the hell all the Love has gone, Playing my guitar and Building castles in the sun and Singing Fun, Fun, Fun Chorus I had a dream that I was three hundred pounds Snd though I was very heavy I floated 'til I couldn't see the ground I floated 'til I couldn't see the ground Somebody help me, I couldn't see the ground Somebody help me because I'm Chorus Drove downtown in the rain Nine-thirty on a tuesday night, Just to check out the late-night Record shop. Call it impulsive You can call it compulsive, You can call it insane; But when I'm surrounded I just can't Stop.

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