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Versuri Come On Darkness

Come on slowly Won't you rise and come To the top of this hill Where the cool breeze spills Now that it's dusk Someone drive them off the street Let the pavements cool Come on now So come on love And lay your body down, next to mine 'Cause what we're longing for has withered in the light Come on darkness Lay your body down on us We've been calling you for so long now We're weary of your name Come on blackness Let me breathe you in 'Cause with this clattering and din we are calling you Brother, have you got a smoke Or baby, have you got a dime Seems like we're all a little down on our luck And baby if you're workin' now out in Bakersfield At some honky-tonk they call the Wagon Wheel I feel swept and you feel rolled away So come on darkness, I need you today Come on blackness, let me breathe you in 'Cause with this clattering and din I am calling you Come on darkness Come on darkness

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