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Ceramic tile floor fluorescent Yellow iodine I can feel your presence Sedated by the heavy medicine And come around, come around, come around The flowers aren't worth keeping The roses broke my skin I'll pretend your sleeping Or you fainted from the lack of oxygen And come around, come around CHORUS: Don't you leave me here to let you down Now I'm going home and I've been patient, I've waited a lifetime Now I'm going home and I am tired of waiting a lifetime Sentimental letters Brightly colored ink Saying, Please get better I'll place them by the lilies in the sink And come around, come around CHORUS If you could feel it, I'd give a kiss If it would get through, I'd whisper this Not while your sleeping... In my safe keeping... Faded iridescence From your silhouette A stare illuminescent I haven't given up on you just yet And come around, come around CHORUS (x 3)

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