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Violent dreams, Every night, Lately I've been waking out of urgency. Something I said, Something I did Is bringing on this violent emergency. One black day in ghostly white For just another sleepless night. CHORUS One more day, I'm always taking the dive. All it takes Is all I can give, All my waking hours just to see you live Through this sleepless night. Violent dreams, Every night, Patiently waiting in the waiting room. Hospital whites, Hospital lights, Burning an unbearable flourescent gloom. Still with both my eyes shut tight, It's just another sleepless night. CHORUS You behind closed eyes, Behind closed doors, First thing tomorrow, someone said, She's hanging by a needle and a thread. Violent dreams, Every night, Turning empty pages of old magazines, Turning instead, Of turning in bed, Turning off the static on the TV screen. In the vending machine light, It's just another sleepless night.

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