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(Nelly) Hey! What it look like out therr Deacon? (Ali) It's packed right, it's packed (Nelly) It's packed? (Ali) You gonna hit dis right herre? (Nelly) Yeah let me hit da brother (Ali) Aw, Reverand (Nelly) That's what I'm talkin bout Is saw a few ballas come in earlier, they still herre? (Ali) Yeah, that's jury, that's jury alright! Look at erybody, Rev (Nelly) I need these funds Shit! Someone cue the Goddamn choir boy (Murphy Lee)(Hook) Don't eat sodium nitrate on my sodium glutamen (Ali) This is Dynamite Deacon Do-bad Comin live from the church of Angels Dey Ain't Starrin' Hustlin' Reverand Sufferin' Mighta turn out funds We got Past Da Blunt Around And we got dat Goddamn choir boy But right now the Reverand gon' come and explain to you da bind of funds and happenin' (Nelly)(Hook 2) Messin up my Rev (Nelly) Yes yes Deacon Todays funds are being raised for a worthy cause (worth-worth-worthy cause) Its to help little Ikey Jr., he 5 friends short of his quarter bird And we can not allow dat in the church of Angels Dey Ain't So werr herre to help no doubt brotha (Ali) Hold, hold hold on Reverand, hold on Reverand (Nelly) Sorr', I'm being interrupted (Ali) We need to pause for a second, pause for the choir (Nelly) For the Choir? (Ali) For the choir, for the choir Reverand (Nelly) For the choir, let the choir sing Mmmmmmaaaaaaaa (Nelly)(Chorus) Hey, before I start my sermon today Well, shit, I mean, I mean, I mean you know I'd like to take dis time and pass around( pass around my brother) The Collection Plate (That muthafucka)My favorite part of the session, bro( I'm wit ya brother) remember brothers and sisters.....REMEMBAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! DIG DEEP!!! (Murphy Lee)(Hook) Don't eat sodium nitrate on my sodium glutamen (Ali) Ay yo, please 'llow me to confuse da shit out all y'all for a minute(ha ha) Now, had ya listenin' to You really listenin' to the Lord listenin' cause the Lord got ya listenin' wit yo' listenin' Cause you listenin to the Lord so hard So you listenin' righta (Nelly) What the fuck did he say? (Nelly)(Hook 2) (Nelly) As I dust off my powder blue Gators As I call mister c-walikin my crooked ass down the hall I noticed dat we passed the Collection Plate around one time And we seem to be a little short But we not gon' dwell on dat, we gon' take time out to listen to da choir Let da choir sing...... (Nelly)(Chorus) (Murphy Lee)(Hook) (Ali) Allow me to come back and confuse the shit out yal some mo' Now how you feelin' right now? You ain't really feelin' The Lord feelin' it You feelin' it cause the Lord,the Lord say you feelin' it So you feelin' it (Nelly) Shut the fuck up (Nelly)(Hook 2) (Nelly) And allow me, Husstlin' Reverand Sufferin' To introduce you to the brotha whose wanna turn our funds tonight Pass The Blunt Around a.k.a Tresure a lil' stuff a lil' Treasure, how the hell we lookin dirrty? (Kyjuan) Well, considerin our 85% Rev(oh fo sho') Brotha Ikey is still a lil short(oh shit) It's fine, we still got time (Nelly) We still got time (Ali) Brothas Let us bow our head for the choir (Nelly) Let the choir sing (Nelly)(Chorus) (Ali) It was a great show y'all (yes) We gotta go (yes brotha) Before we go, we gotta, pay homage to our woderful band (wonderful band) You gotta give up for, Hell Raiser!!!!!! (Nelly) Hell Raiser, ha ha yes yes (Ali and Nelly---talks faintly in the back) (Nelly)(Hook 2) (Murphy Lee)(Hook)x3 (Nelly) What the fuck is goin' on? Someone choke the Goddamn choir boy Choir boy, shut the fuck up (Nelly and Ali----talk faintly in the back) (Nelly) I forgot what the hell I was gon' say (Nelly)(Hook 2)

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