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[Chorus: repeat 2X] Now is you bout it or just talking if so then you'se a bitch Got to get up & make it happen if not then you'se a bitch Complaining & whining dirty you sounding like a bitch If it look like, talk like it must be a bitch [Verse 1] I came with Phil niggas with war wounds, true alivers I love Destiny but they ain't got nothin' on this survivin' Fuck Christmas, fuck wishin' Listen roaches just missin' Hatin' school cause they dissin' Sleeping in the kitchen You need at least one parent on drugs to fill half our struggle This ain't pain it's muscle Stand up, Mase ain't a hustle Lil' nigga I was gettin' wet Young threat Too much of a cat For a McDonald headset Mama havin' breakdowns, Keisha got cancer Poor, no insurance, I'm thinking crime is the answer I guess Dancer, Donald & Prancer & the Blizzard Don't visit the place where life ain't so exquisite Is it hardly working cause it ain't working hard We hardly had a car Now I got a car & a harley Reflecting on this smoking, (Singing: I shot the Sheriff) bumpin' Bob Marley Thinking damn life a bitch but I'm glad I ain't one [Chorus] [Verse 2] Stand up on your own don't live off another nigga Don't be like D-2 Dirty & straight eat off another nigga Gonna ahead & do your thing Without disrespecting the game You a bitch & you know it Pull up your skirt & let me show it Spoiled brat bum Took balls & bats from Your type Matter of fact you a bitch I took your bike Complaining & whining I went from the buildings to shining Fifty city tours Velour Minks & blue diamonds Twenty-two's on wild bodies Errnight a party Kickin' it with bitches wit' lil' waists & wide bodies I know niggas with no future that still went to college Now they lawyers & doctors Mixing it in with street knowledge Used to polish Adias back when rap was only in Hollis Stacey Adams & golf clubs your crew I demolish Out the Impala Sun roof yellin' ain't nobody hotter You a bitch I got to explode you Dirty, I got her [Chorus]

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