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What do you expect from me Will I ever be who you want me to be Will I ever live up to your standards Will you always look down on me Maybe I'm not who you are Maybe I want to be myself Live the life I've always dreamed about This is not your path to choose Yes I taste it Yes I breathe it Yes I hate it Yes I feel strain from Our separation But This is my life, this is my life My cleansation Our separation This is my life, this is my life It's not yours anymore Why did you insist on ruling Why did you try and control Why didn't you ever listen to me? Ignored me, like a dog Maybe I'm glad we're apart Maybe I'm glad we don't speak Anymore I feel better now Now that you are gone

Chimaira ultima melodie Cleansation versuri. versuri cantece versurile melodiei piesa cuvinte cuvintele melodia cuvinte descarca piesa muzica straina melodia.

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