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by Patti Smith last night i awoke up from a dream came face to face with my face facing the tombstone teeth of a man called chiklets he came down through the ages with the desperate beauty of a middleweight boxer came beating the force field with elegant grace trying to get a perfect grip there was no absolute grip he was in a sail boat a glass bottom boat the bottom of a boat he was coming down through the ages sea molten sea spilling down the tube the spiny eye of the village the spinal eye of the victim the spiny eye like a question mark hovering over him what do you want what do you want from him down on a dream too much unexplained what do you think do you think there was an actual connection i can't imagine a connection going down there i can't imagine any connection at all a boxing ring with gold ropes soft desperate karat top spinning and coming down through the ages forty one BC cuvintele melodia melodiei album descarca. Versuri ultima melodie asculta ultima melodie versuri Chiklets cuvintele muzica straina melodiei cuvintele Patti Smith.

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