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In a room in Lebanon they silently slept They were dreaming crazy dreams in foreign alphabet Lucky young boys cross on the main The driver was approaching the American zone The waving of hands The tiniest train They never dreamed they'd never wake again Voice of the Swarm We follow we fall Some kneel for priests Some wail at walls Flag on a match head God or the law And they'll all go together Where duty calls United children Child of Iran Parallel prayers Baseball Koran I'll protect Mama I'll lie awake I'll die for Allah In a holy war I'll be a ranger I'll guard the streams I'll be a soldier A sleeping Marine Refrain In the heart of the ancient Ali smiles In the soul of the desert the sun blooms Awake into the glare of all out little wars Who pray to return to salute the coming and dying of the moon Oh sleeping sun Assassin in prayer laid a compass deep Exploding dawn and himself as well Their eyes for his eyes Their breath for his breath All to his end And a room in Lebanon Dust of scenes Erase and blend May the blanket of Kings Cover them and him Forgive them Father They know not what they do From the vast portals of their consciousness they're calling to you Patti Smith ultima melodie mp3 cantece asculta versuri Where Duty Calls cantece muzica straina descarca. Versuri melodiei melodia cuvintele.

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