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[Music: Heks & Døden/Words: Pest] Am I here to stay forever.......or not at all? My flesh is yearning for the spirit world. A last battle must be fought, for those of flesh. Total destruction - lay the soulblight in ash. Return to soil from which I came. Defend the last of my tribe. Will this battle be fought alone....How many will die? These were questions I dared not ask as I Gathered those with hearts still true. The horns sounded as we charged the field. Axes of war were held high as banners. In tongues of spirits long forgotten Our tribes screamed their cries of war. Many fell, but strong were those still able to stand. With pride wrapped in rage and hate....... We charged again. This time to conquer all that was, And was to be. What has been had always been ours. Those infected by the soulblight lay crushed and broken. Return to soil from which I came. Defend the last of my tribe. This was has been won. We stand united in pride. I am here to stay......forever.....

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