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[Music: Heks & Døden/Words: Morrigan] Wandering endlessly in solitude A vision guides. A vision of wisdom and magic. Fear reigns in his heart. His cursed soul yearns for an end. A veils lays across the land. The shimmering dusk flickers and dies A hazy darkness beyond the realms of mortality Shadows take form before his eyes At his side stands the wise one He who dwells in starless domains His voice as that of a wandering soul The key shall you reveal In a realm few mortals dare to encounter An odyssey that knows no limits You must seek the four winds Dance with the storms Soar with spirits of old On an endless blackened sky You must journey through flames Of hatred and temptation Defeat the mighty serpent Whom exists in spirits of fire You must venture deep Into wells of fate Alone - in sorrow Where dreams become reality You must master the ancient arts Magic and mystery buried in stone Dive into the dark eternity No fear in your heart A final battle you shall encounter From without and within Where truth is diminished by chaos And will is lured to darkness

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