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[Hebrews 10:23-25] The congregation of the weeping saints should never be allowed to be forsaken The suffering and sorrow, the pain of our tomorrows can be healed by prayer and love amazing [Prechorus] Fear the enemy of our faith Clean your life of lonely breath Lifting silent prayer be made In comfort congregate [Chorus] Chapel of Hope, a haven for our souls Chapel of Hope, together we stand tall The instigation of fear against our faith can bring out the weakness tomorrow Gathering in comfort, the prayer of our fathers covering the weakness in our souls of life [Prechorus repeat] [Chorus repeat x 2] The supplication, prayers of the priest covering the holy congregation The intercession for the mass of God prepares the spirits of the faithful [Chorus repeat] Chapel of Hope [x5]

Cuvintele album versuri Mortification muzica straina piesa cuvintele. Chapel Of Hope mp3 versuri cuvinte cuvintele versurile.

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