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Versuri Change Of Heart

Here I am Just like I said I would be I'm your friend Just like you think it should be Did you think I would stand here and lie As our moment was passing us by Oh I am here Waiting for your change of heart It just takes a beat To turn it around Yes I'm waiting for your change of heart At the edge of my seat Please turn it around Days go by Leaving me with a hunger I could fly Back to when we were younger When adventures like cars we would ride And the years lied ahead still untried While I stand here Waiting for your change of heart... Blind leading blind Never hear the laughter Search through time Nothing reveals the answer If it's truth that you're looking to find It is nowhere outside of your mind I bide my time Waiting for your change of heart...

Cuvinte descarca descarca versurile versuri cuvintele muzica straina. Versuri piesa Change Of Heart Pop cuvintele melodiei Cyndi Lauper ultima melodie cuvinte cantece.

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