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Versuri Brimstone And Fire

I met a woman at the laundry mat She left her sock in my dryer I met a woman in a yellow cap It said brimstone and fire I said is this luck ? With just a glance She smiled, and I thought, is this a sign ? From above or below ? ... Oh no ... Brimstone ... Brimstone and fire ... The next week at the cinema She pur her hand on my shoulder She almost kissed me walking home And I didn't even scold her Then I said where is this leading with just a heavy sigh I quickened my pace and she was following as if her heart would never tire Brimstone and fire, brimstone and fire ... Now we have dinner every Saturday I make spaghetti, she brings cake I make spaghetti with tomato sauce, Because that's all I can make And when she lights the candles I think, here we go ... But it's so pleasant after all And I say very low Don't forget to light the fire Brimstone and fire ... Brimstone and fire ... Brimstone and fire ...

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