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Versuri Chain Of Circumstance

So I thought that you knew the question you were asking me to answer Now I find in your indifference you never bothered with what the words meant You're pulling, you're headless of the slack that forms behind you You're forging, you make another link in the chain of circumstance Your mouth made sounds and words, your lips formed them well But to discern the content was hard for me to tell And falling, you fail sometimes to convince me of sincerity And with that pulling in me I build another link for you to add Oh my friend, you know I love you, but you make me crazy Oh my friend, you know I hate it, but you know it can't stay Oh my friend, you know I love you, but you make me crazy Now only time together pushes toward my place to answer This music's purgatory awaits its end, time's special dancer You're doing just as well as a jewel in the mud You'll do just a well when your surviving dust ascends into heaven Chorus

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