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Buzzbomb Buzzbomb Macho-mobile The road's my slave That's how I feel I cruise alone I cruise real far I don't love you I love my car 'Cross Nevada At 110 Highway 50 And there's nobody there Sign says, "Next sign 30 miles" I work all week, each penny saved Buys more escape from home I'd rather cruise around all day Than save up for a move Plow thru rest area San-O-Lets Splat! goes the lonely salesman Wanking in the men's room Buzzbomb Buzzbomb Tape up loud Blue piss clinging to my windshield Faster faster in my car Buzzbomb is my pride and joy King of the trailer court Waiting for the perfect chick Who'll love me for my car I tell her why I'm cool She coos back just what I like When I pretend she's near Zip through Ely Where Pat Nixon was born The cops 'round here sure looking bored Flashing sirens-state patrol They're scratching up my gorgeous paint job Shooting out my tires Ain't no way to go to heaven Buzzbomb cornered at the 7-11

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