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Versuri A growing boy needs his lunch

In lonely gas stations with mini-marts You'll find rows of them for sale Liquor-filled statues of Elvis Presley Drink like a vampire His disciples flock to such a fitting shrine Sprawled across from his graceless mansion A shopping mall Filled with prayer rugs and Elvis dolls And I wonder Yeah I wonder Will Elvis take the place of Jesus in a thousand years Religious wars Barbaric laws Bloodshed worldwide Over what's left of his myth A growing boy needs his lunch When pesticides get banned we're safe up north We just sell them to those other countries Soon there's lots of exotic deformed babies Somehow that's not our fault Just dip 'em in glaze paint 'em orange and green For the Arizona roadside stands To sell alongside plaster burros and birthbaths And I wonder Yeah I wonder Why so many insects around us feed off the dead Death squads Starvation Foreign aid? Just leave it to the magic of the marketplace A growing boy needs his lunch Everyone should just love each other Dip your toe into the fire Drop your guns and lawsuits and love each other Life begins beyond the bunker And while you're busy hugging in the streets Outgrowing your hatred for all to feel Jiminy Cricket's found a game to play Stick your neck out and trust-It'll be chopped away Jimmy through your locked front doors Rifle through your sacred drawers Line my pockets Deface your dreams Til the cows come home to me Nibbling like an earwig winding through your brain Bound like Lawrence Harvey spreadeagle to a bed The migraine gets worse when we find out we lay eggs And no one in all of Borneo can hear you scream Turn on Tune in Cop out Drop kick Turn in Tune out

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