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There are times that you can beckon There are times when you must call You can shake a ton of reckoning But you can't shake it all There are times when I can help you out And times that you must fall There are times when you must live in doubt And I can't help at all Three blue stars / Rise on the hill Say no more, now / Just be still All these trials / Soon be past Look for something / Built to last Wind held by the collar Got a cloud held by the breeze You can walk on coals of fire But sometimes you must freeze There are times when you offend me And I do the same to you If we can't or won't forget it, then I guess we could be through One blue star / Sets on the hill Call it back / You never will One more star / Sinks in the past Show me something / Built to last. Built to last till time itself Falls tumbling from the wall Built to last till sunshine fails And darkness moves on all Built to last while years roll past Like cloudscapes in the sky Show me something built to last Or something built to try There are times when you get hit upon Try hard but you cannot give Other times you'd gladly part With what you need to live Don't waste the breath to save your face When you have done your best And even more is asked of you Let fate decide the rest. All the stars / Are gone but one Morning breaks / Here comes the sun Cross the sky now / Sinking fast Show me something / Built to last

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