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Versuri Alligator

Sleepy alligator in the noonday sun Sleepin by the river just like he usually done Call for his whisky He can call for his tea Call all he wanta but he can't call me Oh no I been there before and I'm not comin back around there no more Creepy alligator comin all around the bend Talkin bout the times when we was mutual friends I check my mem'ry I check it quick yes I will I check it runnin some old kind of trick Oh no well I been there before and I ain't a comin back around there no more no I'm not hung up waitin' for a windy day Hung up waitin for a windy day Tear down the Fillmore, Gas the Avalon Ridin down the river in an old canoe a bunch of bugs and an old tennis shoe out of the river all ugly and green the biggest old alligator that I've ever seen teeth big and pointed and his eyes were buggin out contact the union, put the beggars to route screamin and yellin and lickin his chops he never runs he just stumbles and hops just out of prison on six dollars bail mumblin at bitches and waggin his tail Alligator runnin round my door (4x) Alligator creepin round the corner of my cabin door He's comin round to bother me some more

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