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Versuri British Air Rage

Tell me your psalms and Iâll tell you mine Manic preachers Slippery road to Wales Boat with no sail Sending people off the rails An angel's on your tail And it's too dark Brutality Impartiality is now a reality Oppression suppression is their occupation Tolerance they boast they have got We are aware they have not Without us it would be total destruction Green says you will be fed Gold is holding an eternal internal glow Red is gonna run like river Jordan Listen now These words check now The eyes of man can see The mind for eye must be Red rolled and seen To really know what it mean Tears behind my eyes Feeling bitter Weeping as he wails Emotional Trying to stay on the rails An angel on harp Who's too sharp Babylon Has no productions Only slavery and confusion Rasta going to cramp them and paralyse them Devils for the situation

Muzica straina asculta cuvintele British Air Rage versuri versuri. Descarca descarca muzica cuvintele mp3 asculta versurile melodia Finley Quaye.

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