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I see you now As I never have before Take it further honey Open all the doors When you found me Washed up on the shore You stopped the bleeding Now I love you more Yeah my baby 's coming soon Yeah my baby's number one He loves the moon and loves the sea She loves life and loves her son Every time I look in to your eyes I have become spiritualized Every day she grows I have become spiritualized Fix your feet to the ground Karma always comes around Paint the walls with ultrasound Paint the walls and fix the plugs Gonna fill this place With Persian rugs Stop the drinking And stop the drugs Love Singing songs Whilst cutting deals Looking for a buggy With three wheels I see you now as I never have before Taking it further honey opening all the doors If I find you washed up on the shore I'll stop the bleeding Now I love you more As I have become spiritualized I have become spiritualized I have become spiritualized I become spiritualized

Melodiei album Spiritualized mp3 mp3. melodia versuri muzica straina versuri cuvinte Finley Quaye asculta.

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