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Versuri Bring back that g shit

[Snoop Dogg] Ride, ride Rough, ride on, ride on Roll on, roll on What!, what!, what! Ride on, ride on, roll on Nigga what!, w-w-what!, what!, w-w-what! Ride on [Kurupt] This is the game you wanna spit to a nigga Let a nigga know it's all right, cascades And G'z stompin' on niggas like parades Escapades and charades played When the stampede stopped And it continuously Young Gotti Seen so many bodies Drop fours hop classics and drastic measures Principle's a pleasure and penal endeavours Whatever the case, whatever case, it's caught on a chase When a chase, it began in the facial of race Me and Fred, he make beats, I make rhymes And Snoop, he controls and calculates In pervious moves, the Pound Pentagon Wit a pistols, I holla where the gangstas' at Daz poppin' his coller, nigga sweet and sour Pop Chucks and collers, rolllin' through the streets in my '84 Impala [Snoop Dogg] Holla, holla, if you wanna We gon' run it from the co'na, it's the killa Califo'nia Ya see, I do it to ya 'Cause I know it screw ya, ya try up do us But you can't 'cause you lovin' this beat Uh, uh... we dump, dump to make you pump, pump We comin' wit the heat to make ya trunk bump Freddy said he had a whole a gritty down to go steady And stick up Eddie for his fedy and bring it all back to daddy I want bread, cheese now put it on the patty Knick Knack style, kick back and flip files In the verge, on now listen now honey child Bow Wow, do ya now, how ya like it doggystyle? Smile and grinnin', sippin' on some gin'n Roll wit a cap and ya all strapped in Once ya back in, it's straight mackin' I keep it crackin' [Hook - 4x] This is how we all get down Bring back that G shit fo' me! [Snoop Dogg] I know I slept you, kept ya, fin'na fetch ya Snatch ya back too, slapped you and rapped too The vacuum sat 'chu and rat packed you, act two Now what must i do, to get you back To the way is used to see, D-P-G-C'ology I'm not talkin' 'bout chemistry or biology This G'ology, you feelin' me Niggas be killin' me and willin' me Silly he, thinkin' y'all gon' smash on me Blast on me, the audacity I'll take ya back to the ol' skool and let ya cut class wit me Get some ass wit me Then get us somethin' to drink and let you sip out the same glass as me And now you a killa And it was all over weed and a tall can of milla, illa Kill a nigga like a flea Bigg Snoopy D-O double gizzle Way off tha hizzle my nizzle [Goldie Loc] I hit niggas and bitches if you fuck wit my mental 'Cause I'm a killa and stick release ya pop like a pimple If you don't got my money I suggest you run 'Cause the Gold Loc, he do you like a 20 or done Ain't no fun the way I play, nigga I plays fo' keeps No details you've just been sweeped to sweep Locations, directions, not even a trace Bitch I doubt it, if ya body get found like waste In the alley, killa Cali, this Eastsidaz Crips Never slip, set trip, and smoke chronic dip Cuz! [Hook -4x] [Traci Nelson] Snoop Doggy Dogg has to give it to ya Fredwreck got the reefers bumpin' through ya Goldie Loc can put the G and the C Wit Kurupt Young Gotti from the D-P-G [Kokane - Harmonizing] [Daz] Bitch [Fred Durst] Hey!

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