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U gonna disect man (roll this shit), oh oh oh for the homies, who that? Yeah, Its kurupt fool Live Dogg pound And let all yâall know(know know), we live Yeah kurupt the raw dogg Dogg pound gangsta for life And my own thing, Antra Check this out,( check it out) 1,2 to the 3. k to the u- r- u- p to the t Dips and toe back whips I ainât for competing I own banks in sweden I keeps a low profile, I donât floss Top dogg, fool Iâm the boss Speculative decisions, Iâm giving out executive positions, making my own executive decisions O g lie the only way is supposed to be lie Simply, its all in me, So when you think about kurupt just think about Bentleyâs Who do you be, tell me tell me (thatâs a nigga who do you be, tell me tell me (steady cruisinâ with your mind on the cash, everything is tight so what you think be the past) feel the flames, separate terrains, we on the same track on separate trains Iâm all about coasting, locomotion Sip get lit smooth Move in slow motion, smooth as lotion Headed to where the gâs reside, ready to ride Iâm a fix it all, twist it all by showing all yâall whatâs the meaning of all Iâm hyper like a sniper on dope and dynamite I ignite the stage, like rage, or sawed off gauge Now all yâall off the stage you be the first one, verse one Nigga disperse one, and Iâm a show you how you get the job done You cant buy it, the sound encourages riots Chorus Yo, I feel a whoo, bars with that whoop de whoop, Coming swoop, chill with kurupt and the crew In the back of the pad, but donât get mad, donât get upset If I have to jab and jet, I gots to go put in, I get it all good in So donât tweak come back next week, but when she came back she met a hard fact Dude the ainât where kurupt stay at Chorus to end

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