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Versuri Breakpoint

Make up the rules for me to live by Rules you break and just let it slide You try and find you inside of me Be as great as you want me to be Hypocrite, the word that fits Do as you say Not as you do You're pushing me to a breakpoint Pushing me, push, push me to a breakpoint Self esteem you seem to lack Point the finger There's three pointing back Control's the illusion with all good intent Bad times are contagious You laugh and infect Criticist, the word that fits Put me down to lift you up You're pushing me to a breakpoint Pushing me, push, push me to a breakpoint Watching pain is your only pleasure Sick fascination for someone's disaster Self suffering since you were born Mess with the bull and you'll get the horn Misery, the word that fits Can't seem to smile 'till someone's sad You're pushing me to a breakpoint You're pushing me, push, push me Push, push, push me to a breakpoint In my opinions as a professional I recommend We straight-jacket the son-of-a-bitch Lock him in a rubber room Sedate him, heavily And when he wakes up, If he wakes up, we'll see If he can be a nice boy Well... I don't know... It's gonna hurt me More that it's gonna hurt him Let's do it! You push me to a breakpoint, breakpoint Push me to a breakpoint, breakpoint Don't push me, you piece of shit!

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