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Versuri Have Cool, Will Travel

Dave Mustaine Mamas pack their lunches, kiddies pack their guns Wishing it will go away, but nothing's getting done A shot heard 'round the world, when a mother's baby dies We the people, point our fingers, blame and wonder why Face it and fight or turn high tail and run 'Til it comes back again just like the rising sun Say they do all they can, it's just another lie The answer's plain to see, nobody wants to try There's no recess and no rules in the school of life If you listen very closely you'll see what it's like Have cool, will travel Tell myself it ain't true, they just cannot see Grown up or sewn up, the medicine's worse then the disease I have cool, will travel Here we go

Descarca ultima melodie album Rock Megadeth Have Cool, Will Travel cantece ultima melodie versuri muzica. Album descarca versurile muzica cantece asculta asculta muzica straina versuri.

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