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Versuri Break Yourself

[Xzibit] Last but not least we off the leash The Art of War reach for your masterpiece Feel the release from the phantom bangs you Snatched off put you in a frame and hang you Comin at you niggas from a different angle Arch Angel choke hold and strangled Kay Slay the game turn the tables Get cables, I'm Kane you Abel Start bullshit, conflicts, labels Man handled, murder, mangled Life support cut short we hold court In the street make a nigga sleep six feet deep Fuck piece bare back doggystyle Cement ya feet and hold ya down Throw you off the bridge and watch you drown Last one to laugh its over now [Hook] We'll trade ya six and pancake ya loan Break ya bitch and take ya doe Shake ya Crys and take it whoa Layin down the whole dance floor (Break yourself right now) Open bar free drinks this way Walkin the West, possin the South Coke can put these in ya mouth Hands up jack the whole crowd (Break yourself right now) [Xzibit] Break crash from ya ass so don't rush to bust Bitches die, cry, and lust for us Damn it feel good to be platinum plus Don't fuck wit us cuzz we dangerous Hold fans like fiends on Angel Dust Clean get aways I get out the cuffs Coast like a sailor you fuckin fucks I done hand it hard to keep in touch Don't pop the Crys I pop the clutch Pop one to ya mouth cuzz you talk too much Way in over ya head you get played Left holdin the bag like John Forte Built for this all work no play here to stay The rest get blown away Built for this all work no play here to stay The rest get blown away C'mon [Hook] [Xzibit] Neva seen heard felt befo Wanna rumble wit us just start the show Fill up the chamber let me go Out of town before the shells hit the floor Duck tape ski mask professional Fuck y'all, y'all homosexual Hangin on my dick like testicle Pop you disappear, Where did he go? Pop up some where in Mexico Rotate relate respect the flow Hospital bed you vegetable Can't walk can't talk lettin you know We hit the hardest ask ya ho, at my show Seen her in the front row To the back stage in there she blow There she blew Then send her back to you (hello) [Hook] - 3X

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