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Versuri (Hit U) Where It Hurts

[Xzibit] Where Rock at? Rock here yet? It's all good [Verse 1] I done came too far, can't turn back now Pull it out, get it up, can't put shit down Best believe to achieve gotta struggle to get it but peep it It's like you got a body somebody just to keep it Ain't no secret how the west coast do it Stick a fork in it, done deal disputed (yeah) Holdin two black aces for the smilin faces It's a chess game nigga, better count ya spaces We gon find the weakest link, fuck what you niggaz think Pump gon repeat and grind y'all to mincemeat I can't retreat, refusin to lose (yeah) Walk one day in the X man's shoes [Chorus] Make shit happen, stomp and smashin' On and crackin, who want action Pistol packin, fuck relaxin' Hit u where it hurts Make you feel it, can't conceal it If it breaths then I can kill it Come and get it, custom-fitted Hit u where it hurts [Verse 2] I might as well buy a suit right now Put money on my books downtown to get ready for trial Look, ya only gotta tell me once Better wake up and smell these blunts What's really behind the front Ain't no parts about me punk We can thump, don't get too close Because you might get slump kicked Front page material, I serial kill shit Only that real shit, we can scrap or slap clips My tactics range from Attila the Hun To Genghis Kahn to the rice fields of Vietnam Atom bomb my name tag across the sky Eye for an eye, somebody got to die now [Chorus] [Verse 3] The points that I make be hollow X a hard act to follow Disappear in front of your eyes, besides I switch up rides at least five times Dangerous minds, caught behind enemy lines Read the signs, better yet you pick your place Got a 4-4 eagle to split your face Nigga you be safe we invade your space Beat you, beat your team, then beat the case Poker face, niggaz can't read me yo Green light a mothafucker fa sho, let's go Stay low, we the unforgiven Hard to touch like pussy in Britain Can't stop me from living, muh-fucka [gunfire] cuvintele cuvinte muzica versuri muzica straina cuvinte cantece. (Hit U) Where It Hurts cuvintele melodiei ultima melodie album Hip-hop Xzibit versurile versuri.

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