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You push the boys to prove you're rough You push the girls to prove you're tough Scars on your fists scars on your brain You're a real man, you feel no pain All liquored up, no place to go Bringing bad vibes to our show Push kids around, you act insane I think you have boogers for brains Always be the big man on the floor A football game without a score Come to your senses, see the light Come to your senses it's not nice to fight You've got too much testosterone This aint no silly super-bowl Push kids around you act insane I think you have boogers for brains. Boogers for brains.

Melodiei descarca versuri versurile 30 Foot Fall. Melodia cuvinte muzica asculta mp3 descarca versuri descarca muzica straina album mp3 Boogers For Brains ultima melodie.

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