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I woke up surprised and disappointed to find out I was still me, Last night should've killed me. Took a shower couldn't scrub it off Tried to scream, I could only cough I can't trust myself to be my own friend. Exhausted by the effort it takes to breathe, The Whole world is against me That's what I belive, don't waste your empathy on me [Chorus] I'm through puttin one foot in front of the other I'm do wanna run for cover From the moment I wake up til I'm starin at the ceiling trying to sleep I wonder if I have a soul to keep. Voices in my head will not turn off There's a heavy weight on top of my chest today, I don't want it to go away because, the moment I let down my guard, life will hit me twice as hard My mistake, I thought I could have just one day off From pushing boulders up steep hills, playin in traffic for cheap thrills I don't know what to do that's why I'm tellin you that [Chorus] Sometimes there's nothing on my mind but everything at one time Find me sliding backwards down to where I don't want to be found Stop with these tests give me some rest My heart is beating right out of my chest I do believe I have a soul to keep.

Better Off Dead cuvintele descarca melodiei versuri 30 Foot Fall ultima melodie versuri asculta muzica straina mp3. Cantece asculta melodia melodia piesa muzica mp3.

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