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They piss'n'moan And push'n'shove So below As it is above From every mouth Words blare Off every surface Words glare Til there's nowhere to look Except to stare At reflections in The subway glass Fluorescent lit skin Looks harsh So best pretend To be asleep In case you have to Give up your seat To anyone less fortunate than... But the train stops Beneath the streets Shift your legs Tap your feet Open an eye Start to speak But the words get stuck Between your teeth Truth is truth Lies are lies Headlines strike Between the eyes But when is a word Not a word? How's the meaning Been reversed? Twisted, torn Tricked & turned Inside out Upside down Til there's nothing left to talk about... except yourself So you say... I spy with my little eye something beginning with... me Ever get lonely? Don't you ever feel phony? Ain't the train going slowly? They say it's gonna get snowy Don't you ever feel holy? And think you wanna be a yogi? What a load of baloney! Do you wanna come home with me? Don't you ever get lonely? Don't you ever get... Roll over roll over it's over it's over.

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