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[Words and Music - Steve Rowe] Hatred wasting mankind, racism, black and white Kill your neighbour, what do you care, he is worthless scum Open your eyes, see the truth, we are all of dust Blood world, the blood of life Who will care, who will unite? Blood world, the blood of Christ All men are equal in his sight Loneliness destroying lives, rejected, hated, despised Kill your neighbour, what do you care, he was born to be lost A hated man, scorn of your laugh, seeing yourself first Care, share, be fair, be aware Christ uniting mankind, equal black and white Love your neighbour as yourself, you are your brother's keeper Open your eyes, see the truth, hatred is a killer versurile piesa cuvinte muzica versurile Mortification mp3. Muzica straina versurile versuri versuri Bloodwoorld.

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